The Scarecrow's Farm is a community of independent workers, freelancers and artists.
The group was created by Omar, an Italian Art Director and Maximiliano, an Argentine Producer-Director.
After two years of collaboration, the two decided to create a community which would allow various professionals to work together.
The Scarecrow's Farm, based in London, works with filmmakers, editors, screen actors, photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, music composers, and creatives from all over the world...

“We follow the all parts of the project, from design to development."


Whether it's commercials, online campaigns or product launches, we understand the importance of getting a direct message across to your customers. We specialise in a range of promotional video services in Milan, Buenos Aires and London. From concept and strategy to production and final delivery we handle the whole process for you, producing an engaging, striking video for your business.


Uses the best cameras of the moment as the Canon, Lumix, Panasonic to have an accuracy of depiction of photos. The images are retouched and processed with the aid of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, to obtain a perfect finished product.


We use programming languages such as PHP, MySQL, and HTML to create interactive website, they are functional and intuitive, following standard of the moment. We are in focus customers idea we ensure that follow the customer step by step blueprint to get a result that the customer his in mind.


We are careful to create logos and graphic that is in harmony with the idea of the customer, optimising the time. In addition we try to make the simplicity the key point that the product be manageable.